Laminated MDF & Plywood Tabletop

I first cut some strips of scrap plywood and Forescolor through-color MDF roughly 2.5" wide.

Then I sanded each strip and sealed the edges with polyurethane. I also stained the plywood, thinking initially that the tabletop would be basically finished after this step. Then I glued all of the strips together.

After the glue dried I realized there was too much surface variation to hand sand so I ended up running the whole tabletop though a planer. This made the top totally uniform at the expense of removing the top layer of the plywood's veneer (and my stain from earlier). Loosing that veneer gave the plywood a really funky, unique look.

Finally, I smoothed over the edges with a router, gave the top one last sanding, and coated it with varnish.

Last updated: 07/01/22